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Hello and Welcome Brother or Sister to the Blood of the Fallen!

To get things started I would like to explain the following forums to get the information about the guild and the rules, but first look to your left there should be a information tab with a lot of things posted.

This site will be updated almost everyday I will be adding a lot of features and cool things as we grow and as this site gets more members and people that want to use it, I also want people to take part and vote online, maybe give feedback on forums being so that if you have a opinion feel free to share it everyone is entitled to that and i will hold it to you to do so and use it as I will respect it.

Also if you going to make a account on the website use your toons name not like some crazy name you made up or nickname for yourself, because then it is annoying to figure out who you are from a lot of other people in my guild so please make my job easier.

Thank you for your time and remember be respectful and follow the rules. - GM Staff of BotF
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